B-Side - Revelation 14:12-13

Mar 13, 2023    Pastor Joshua Plantholt

Pastor Josh begins by clarifying: there is no such thing as a modern-day apostle. Apostles were those chosen by Jesus during His earthly ministry to teach with His authority... the apostles' recorded words are literally scripture. The canon of scripture is now closed, and anyone alive today calling themselves an apostle is either misusing the term, deceived, or intentionally deceiving.

If we die in the Lord, the blessing described in verse 13 applies to us today. Those who follow the Antichrist will partake in a system that is intensely fallen, but those who follow the Lamb will be intensely blessed!

Our faithfulness and our endurance are truly defined in times when they're difficult to achieve, times of persecution. Choosing to do right and not to partake in evil or impure activities is difficult when our society is pushing in the opposite direction. To this end, God has sent His Holy Spirit, to teach us and lead us in the right way.

Therefore we should read scripture daily with one primary purpose: to know God better!