B-Side - John 12:1-8

Mar 27, 2023    Pastor Joshua Plantholt

- We should remember that both Mary and Martha have been touched by God... Martha gets a bad rap for working instead of worshipping, but she worked without complaining or expecting Mary to help.

- Judas's thievery, disguised as philanthropy, is a picture of how communism works out in government and society.

- Society should help to alleviate poverty, but Biblically, Jesus never wants the Church to give funds to the government to accomplish these things. When the Church itself does the work, God gets the glory, and people get saved not just from poverty, but from hell.

- Jesus raised Lazarus from the tomb, and soon after, was entombed Himself. Both were raised from the dead. The difference? Apart from Christ, Lazarus' body was rotting by day 4, but Jesus' body did not decay, and He rose from the dead on the third day. Like Lazarus, we will rot without Jesus, but through faith in Him, we too will resurrect, and be as a sweet-smelling aroma to God!