B-Side - Revelation 17:7-18

Jul 3, 2023    Pastor Joshua Plantholt

Revelation 17 is built upon Daniel 7. There are many valid, historical approaches to interpreting this part of scripture, and we need not doggedly defend any of them to the death; we simply don't know exactly what it means. "Babylon" may refer to Babylon itself, it could be Rome, or one of the more prosperous cities of our present day. It will be billed as a Utopia, but will be a godless city.

Daniel 7 shows that in the end times, Satan and the Antichrist will seek to devour Israel and force her into the wilderness. Here in Revelation 17, we see Babylon in the same situation. Did Israel become the whore of Babylon? Likely not, as the whore of Babylon is wealthy and living a lavish life, and Israel is living on the run, poor, but faithful. The whore of Babylon will be destroyed. The woman representing Israel will be brought back into Jerusalem and cared for by God almighty!

What is our treasure? The things the Lord gives us, or the God himself? If our treasure is anything but Jesus, we must course correct! Those who endure faithfully to the end will ultimately rest in comfort.